About TrueDirect

When Canadians shop online, they often have to deal with high prices, poor selection, and slow shipping times.

TrueDirect is an online technology store that believes you deserve better.

This is what we stand for:

Low prices

You shouldn’t have to pay a premium on technology just because you live north of the border. TrueDirect uses its buying power to offer you some of the most competitive prices you’ll see online.

Unparalleled selection

As an online retailer, we can carry all kinds of products—not just the most popular ones. We have strong partnerships with the manufacturers and vendors you trust, and we’re proud to offer over 1,000,000 products through our store.

Great availability

We work closely with national suppliers to make sure our products are available when you need them. You can also check product availability in real-time, any time of day.

Fast shipping

Our products ship directly from the warehouse to your door. No more waiting for store transfers or lengthy shipments from overseas.

Secure payments

The security of your information is important to us. We accept VISA and Master Card through our industry-standard secure payment process.

See the FAQ to find out more.